Virtual Auction Solutions

Option One: Event.Gives

This is the first all-in-one solution we’ve found in the marketplace for hosting a real-time live auction, silent auctions, and paddle raise (Fund-a-Need). This platform allows:

1. Customized event website.

2. Sell pre-event tickets, raffles, silent auction bidding.

3. Live stream live auction and Fund-a-Need (no latency)

4. Live stream prerecorded video messages

5. Live stream, live broadcast multiple presenters.

6. Call us for your no-risk customized demonstration.

     Ben Farrell 919-741-1794

     Matt Newsom 704-661-6782

At, Custom Benefit Auctions, we provide both the behind the scenes director, as well as the on camera host/auctioneer. We are also a preferred vendor and currently offer special pricing for our clients.


Option Two: The Combo Plan

For those of you already contracted with a trusted mobile bidding provider like Onecause, GiveSmart, or Greater Giving. You can live stream from a webinar platform or broadcast software.

1. Open your silent auction several days before event.

2. Choose a live stream platform Facebook, Youtube, etc.

3. Donors watch live stream and give by phone

4. Virtual event can be live or pre-recorded.

5. Some interaction available via chat function.

6. Call us for your  customized action plan.

    Ben Farrell 919-741-1794

    Matt Newsom 704-661-6782

Your online guests will need to register on both platforms to fully participate. Some charities have used the chat boxes for live bidding. Please understand with this option, there will be a 20-30 second latency delay from what your host/auctioneer is saying and when the guests hear it on the other end. All the giving takes place via mobile bidding. Be very mindful of your timing, day of week, and run-of show. DBB: Don’t be boring.  


Virtual Event Considerations

The 2020 Calendar

Spring is the peak of the fundraising season with so many organizations hosting their events in between the end of college basketball season and before Mother’s Day, graduations, and Memorial Day. The second week of March, 2020 delivered a crushing blow cancelling everything across the country. The shock of shutdown is lifting, so the world eagerly plans to reschedule. This is your moment to show the community your resiliency and dedication to your mission. Don’t cancel, don’t quit, never give up. Many charities are reporting record giving during the pandemic as people search for ways to help, looking for good news, and eager find something positive to serve as inspiration. Let that be you and your organization. 

If your event was scheduled for the Spring and you postponed, consider holding your event earlier rather than later. Summer, late summer, and early fall are your best bets for avoiding a very crowded marketplace. We can help you pivot and implement a virtual event now! Demand for your donors/sponsors attention and dollars will increase with each passing week into the already busy fall fundraising season. Pick your date and begin to market while remaining emotionally sensitive to your regions local situation and challenges.

Helping you plan for success

For our clients, we will assist as always, with all things fundraising. We will help create thoughtful messaging, inspiring programing, effective and efficient run-of-shows, motivational mission moments, and strategic fund-a-need plans of action. Your on camera talent is your brand ambassador and must be comfortable and experienced speaking to a camera and reacting to digital information instead of a live audience. We can do that for you.  We can help. We value your partnership and remain committed to your success. We are focused on the fundraising and wish you the very best.


Those who can’t give, won’t. Those who can give, will, if you ask them and give them an opportunity.