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Benjamin's Background

Benjamin Farrell is professional Benefit Auctioneer, Speaker, and Trainer serving charities and non-profits nationwide. As a  proud graduate of Mendenhall School of Auctioneering, a certified member of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Team,  and Goodmon Fellow with Leadership Triangle; Benjamin draws upon experience from over 1,000 fundraising events to help each fundraising partner achieve their full potential.

Why is Benjamin a Benefit Auctioneer?


Benjamin's first client was his very own family. While serving as a detective with a city law enforcement agency, his son received multiple medical diagnoses at a very early age. Unfortunately, the healthcare insurance provider would not cover the therapies and treatments needed. So, the Farrells decided to have an auction to raise the money. Just a year before, Ben attended Mendenhall School of Auctioneering and studied fundraising auctions during one of the sessions.  Breaking all the rules of workplace communication, Ben sent an email to “all-users” of the city-wide email system and asked for three items from each person be donated for large scale auction event and fundraiser. The city responded! Friends, family, and co-workers rallied with donations of all types from bicycles, to furniture, to vacation homes. The auction exceeded all goals and enough money was raised to pay-it-forward to another family the Farrells met with children in a similar situation. The Farrells always remember how grateful they were and what it means to receive help when help is needed most. After this experience, Benjamin decided to help as many people and charities as possible. Each year that number grows and now Benjamin and the Custom Benefit Auctions team serve charities with over 175 events per year.  William Barclay, the Scottish Theologian, says “Always give without remembering, and always receive without forgetting.”

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Benjamin Farrrell

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