Professional Live Auction Services


Onsite Fundraising Auctioneers

Our professional Auctioneers focus on the fundraising and the guest experience.  Attentive and engaged audience members bid more frequently. The Auctioneer's chant is fast enough to keep the bids moving quickly and slow enough so everyone understands and is comfortable participating.  Positivity, high energy, and  encouragement are the foundation building blocks of our style. 


Custom Benefit Auctions has conducted over 1,000 live auction events ranging from a luncheon with 50 guests to a Grand Gala with more than 900 donors in the room.  Learning from what has worked and from what hasn't, our team will share with you the important lessons  we've learned to help you achieve your event goals. In 2017, Custom Benefit Auctions helped several events raise the most money in their event history including 5 events exceeding the $1,000,000 for the first time.


We are sensitive to both your vision and mission.  As your evening brand ambassador, we will adapt our speaking points, language, and demeanor to adequately represent your organization as you wish.  This intentional approach allows us to connect with your guests in a meaningful way.  Oftentimes, people will say, "Does that Auctioneer work here?" Or, "does that Auctioneer have a child at this school?"  Prior to your event we will take the time to get to know your organization, your history, and values. 

Super Silent Auction Promotion

For many organizations, a silent auction plays a significant role in generating proceeds at your auction event. Our auctioneers actively monitor the silent auction and promote when needed. It’s helpful to mention items that are selling well and those that aren’t receiving many bids. These announcements are intended to stimulate more bidding and also recognize participating donors. Feel free to use one our favorites as we address an item with zero bids. “The first bid in the auction is the LOWEST, and therefore the easiest one to make, find an item without a bid and place one now!”

Master of Ceremonies

Its extremely important to keep your event schedule running on time. We enjoy inviting guests to be seated, quieting the crowd prior to a speech or video, and giving you the freeedom to interact with your donors, sponsors, and invited guests. We will keep your event on time, running smoothly, and always present with Professionalism.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers play a critical role in the success of your fundraiser.  A well trained effective volunteer can increase proceeds for you in silent auction, live auction, raffle sales, and your donation appeal.  We provide both pre-event and onsite training sharing strategies to boost results in all areas. 

Donation Only Events

Paddle Raise, Fund-A-Need, and Special Appeal are some the names used to describe a moment at your event when you ask for direct donations from you audience. Many organizations are experiencing strong growth in this area of their fundraising. Several times a year, we are hired to conduct a direct ask at an event without a live or silent auction.  A successful Fund-A-Need requires significant planning and strategy.  We can help you with your pre-promotion, event night presentation, and creative inclusionary processes to include everyone in the room. We are experienced in both traditional paddle raise as well as mobile bidding with the display scoreboard. 

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