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Our full service clients receive onsite live auctioneers as well as pre-event strategic planning and consulting services. By request, we are now offering training packages for organizations looking for a boost in revenue, new ideas, best practices, latest trends, and actionable fundraising advice. Some of the many topics covered are listed below. If your event as a challenge, let us help you find the solution.  Email us today to learn more and select a package that can elevate your next event.

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the most effective timeline? When do we conduct the live auction, close the silent auction, conduct the Fund-a-need? What is the best time to start?

Item Acquisition


How do we get the best items for our auction? When do we start? How many items should we have in the silent?  What is hot right now? How many items do you recommend for the live auction?

Board Involvement


How can we get the Board more involved?  What is the most useful role for Board members at the event?  How do we attract  high impact board members to enhance our fundraising.

Mobile-Bidding Software


What are the benefits of fund raising software and mobile bidding?  Will we raise more money? What should we know before making our decision?  Can we use this for our Fund-A-Need?

Raffles and Games


What is interactive revenue? What is the best raffle prize? What is the Heads or Tails Game, wine pull, run-around, table challenge, last one standing?  How many games or raffles can we use at one event? How much can we make with these games?

Fund-a-Need Strategy


How do we grow our donation appeal? How can increase participation, matching gifts, leadership gifts?  How do we best include the guests of sponsors? Where do we start?  How do we attract pre-committed gifts?

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