Domestic and International Travel Experiences

Travel Packages Sell

Vacation and unique travel experiences are always top sellers at Benefit Auctions.  Your attendees will likely be planning a vacation or two in the coming and year and now they can support you while having an amazing travel experience.  We are proud to partner with Auction Packages to offer you opportunities to bring world-class vacations, travel, concerts, sporting events, dinning and more to your donors. 

Sell Multiple Trips

One of the greatest advantages of using a travel partner is your ability to sell multiple trips to several different winning bidders.  Donors are happy when everybody wins and no-one is left in second place at your auction.  Multiple sales of vacations drive your proceeds and your results.

The results of your live auction can increase with solid pre-event marketing and promotion.  Entice donors to attend for the opportunity to win an extraordinary vacation, unique experience, or see their favorite sports team in any city they play.  Allow time for your guests to prepare, plan, research. and commit to winning their big trip at your auction.  We always invite our guests to "spend some money, have fun, and make a difference."  We have said the following statement hundreds of times and remains true, "It feels good to bid, and better to win!"